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Picket Vinyl Fencing

A picket fence, a fence with upright pickets, is commonly used for domestic boundaries. The style has been used since the first period and remains popular today. Often the picket fence is painted white or made of wood, although modern versions may use plastic that resembles wood.

The style is characterized as short with a tapered or pointed top on evenly spaced vertical boards called pickets. A picket fence can add charm, as well as protection, and seems to be the most popular fence among homeowners.



Straight Picket Fencing
A straight open picket fence is a fence that has straight rails that are apart from each other, to allow for air and light to come through. Straight open picket fences are great for pool areas and backyards, where neighbors can still be shielded but not shut out.


Concave Picket Fencing
The concave open picket fence is an elegant type of fence. The pickets start tall and then as they shorten, the pickets concave slightly in the middle. They can be assembled from prefabricated sections, where the posts of each section are posted into the ground, but the pickets or boards that make up the fence wall are not inserted into the ground.


Convex Picket Fencing
Open Convex Picket fencing gives needed privacy, but allows light and wind through. Convex-styled picket fences are just the opposite of concave, where the pickets start tall and then cave in the middle, shorter, and then go back tall again.


Closed Picket Fencing
Closed picket fencing adds a matching bar over the top, as well as the bottom, so it creates more of a private look. This type of fence is great for pools and front yards. It also adds a barrier to the side of a yard.


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