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Fencing is to separate or close off by means of a fence. In the past, fence was short for defense, humanly erected barrier to keep people or animals out or mark and protect a piece of land. It was also used as an ornament. Vinyl fencing is a somewhat new product, but is catching on fast, as the look is quite classy and is made of much more durable materials.

Vinyl siding is essentially made from the same material as vinyl siding and vinyl windows, not PVC pipe. While PVC pipe does use some of the same ingredients, it doesn’t have the weather- ability that vinyl siding, windows or fencing.


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Picket Fencing
A picket fence, a fence with upright pickets, is commonly used for domestic boundaries. The style has been used since the first period and remains popular today. Often the picket fence is painted white or made of wood, although modern versions may use plastic that resembles wood.


Privacy Fencing
A full privacy fence, commonly found in urban or closely settled suburban spaces is tall (six feet or more) overlapping, shadow boxes or tongue-and- groove boards. Semi-privacy fencing allows air and visual spacing between the boards, while protecting the space and residents from full view.


Ranch Fencing
Ranch fences are crucial to ranchers, who need to keep animals in a corral. It enables the rancher to keep their herd of animals from harm or from escaping. They are particularly useful for livestock and horses, as they define the perimeter of the area, while allowing broad open spaces between.


Ornamental Fencing
Our maintenance-free Ornamental Fencing is engineered for superior strength and durability to provide long-lasting value and performance. You simply won't find better, more attractive fencing products in the market today.


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